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3936. Globalway Inc.

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3936. Globalway Inc. Business Description

The Group (the Company and its affiliates) consists of the Company (Globalway, Inc.), two subsidiaries (TimeTicket GmbH, Inc.), and one affiliate accounted for by the equity method (CODE2LAB.PTE.LTD.). There are three reporting segments for each type of business: social web media business, business application business, and sharing business business. In the social web media business, with an understanding of IT systems as a strength, we operate an Internet information site for working people and job seekers (hereinafter referred to as "job seekers"), and recruitment services and businesses centered on the IT industry. In the application business, we are developing systems and software products specializing in the cloud domain. In the sharing business business, we operate "Time Ticket", a service for individuals to buy and sell their free time.

In order to provide highly convenient services for users of Internet information sites provided by the Group and companies that have introduced cloud systems, we will utilize the technologies and know-how cultivated in each business to integrate planning, system development, and operation. We are building a system to handle it in-house.

1. 1. Social web media business

The Group's social web media business includes corporate word-of-mouth information (“company annual income / reputation / interview”), news articles based on word-of-mouth information (“company news”), and job information (“change of job / job”). We operate the information platform "Calicone" for workers who handle such things on the Internet, and we are constructing our business by operating these information media in a complex manner.

Most of the job information posting sites in Japan are operated by the information posting fee from the recruiting company, so the information sent by the recruiting company tends to emphasize the advertising element. From these job information, it is not possible to grasp the actual situation of the working environment of the company, and it is difficult for job seekers to identify the job that suits them. Along with this, there are many cases where even if you are interested in job hunting, you do not reach the actual activity or you cannot decide which company to apply for during job hunting, resulting in loss of employment opportunities in the company. There are employment mismatches such as a decline in the retention rate after hiring. In such a situation, the information gap between the recruiting company and the job seeker will be eliminated, the literacy of the job seeker's employment / change of job information will be improved, and the company itself will be aware of its own reputation and evaluation to improve the working environment and work. Since April 2009, we have been operating "Calicone" for the purpose of promoting dialogue with people.

The information that "Calicone" provides to job seekers consists of three parts: "Annual income / reputation / interview of a company", "Corporate news", and "Job change / Job offer". In "Annual income / reputation / interview of company", word-of-mouth information of the company posted at the time of "Calicone" membership registration etc. is posted, and in "Corporate news", articles etc. interviewed by the writer based on word-of-mouth information etc. are posted. We are doing it. In addition, in "Job Change / Recruiting", the job information requested by the company to be posted directly and the job information of the job information posting site affiliated with the company are posted, and you can search from a large amount of job information at once.・ We provide a job change service that allows you to apply.

The main revenues of the social web media business are the following three performance rewards. The first is when a user of our site simultaneously registers the registration information for "Calicone" on the affiliated job information posting site or human resources introduction company when performing basic membership registration or job change service membership registration on "Calicone". It will be a performance reward obtained from the registration destination. "Calicone" requires membership registration that involves posting reviews or registering work history, etc. in order to view information on "company's annual income, reputation, and interview" and to use the job change service. You can also register as a member and work history at the same time on the job information posting site or the personnel introduction company. The second is the performance reward when an application is made for a job on a partner job information posting site through "Job Change / Job". The third is a performance fee when the recruiting company succeeds in hiring from the recruiting information such as recruiting agency projects directly acquired by the Group through sales activities to the recruiting company.

"Calicone" attracts potential job changers who are interested in work styles and careers but have not yet realized their intention to change jobs, based on the information provided by "Annual income, reputation, interviews" and "Corporate news". Is possible. Since other job information posting sites focus on posting job information, it is possible to attract customers who want to change jobs, but there are few means of contacting potential job changers who do not necessarily have a high intention to change jobs. In this respect, "Calicone" can play a complementary role to other job information posting sites.

○ The changes in the annual number of visitors (* 1) on our website are as follows.

(Table omitted)

(Table omitted)

In the recruiting service, our job-changing consultants are recruiting companies and job-seeking companies centered on companies (foreign-affiliated software companies, strategy and IT consulting companies, system development companies, etc.) that support the promotion of DX (* 2) to large companies. We provide a paid employment introduction service based on the direct request of the person.

Job seekers in this service are acquired by our own headhunting by our career change consultants, and are also procured from the database of career change service member registrants of "Calicone", the information platform of our media production business. increase. In addition, we have acquired recruiting companies not only through the sales activities of our career change consultants, but also through the coverage of corporate news of "Calicone," which is an information platform for our social web media business.

2. Business application business

In the business application business, we select highly versatile functions from software such as "Salesforce" and service delivery support that customizes and develops cloud-type business software provided by Salesforce.com, etc. according to customer needs. It consists of product development that licenses and sells the developed business software to customers such as service delivery support. In recent years, with the spread of broadband lines and smartphones, the form of using business software from the mobile environment via the Internet is becoming mainstream, and the spread of cloud-type business software is accelerating. According to "Domestic Cloud Service Market Scale Results and Forecasts" by MM Research Institute, Inc., the domestic cloud market is said to exceed 3 trillion yen in FY2021. In view of such market trends of business software, we support the migration of business software to the cloud, and provide products and services to improve business efficiency and reduce costs for companies.
On the other hand, the introduction of cloud-type business software provided via the Internet requires knowledge and technology specific to the cloud environment compared to conventional on-premises type (* 3) business software, so there is a shortage of human resources who can handle it. Tend to do. By specializing in cloud-based business software development, we strive to improve service quality by training specialized engineers.

The target areas of cloud-type business software that this business focuses on are customer management (CRM * 4), sales management (ERP * 5), and data management (DMP * 6).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Area

We develop systems using software to efficiently manage customer support operations such as business negotiations and call centers in sales activities. CRM systems, also known as front systems, are the areas where cloud-based business software is most widespread, with the focus on business that is the point of contact with customers. In particular, we provide a customer support method called omni-channel (* 7) that utilizes "force.com" provided by Salesforce.com.

Data management (DMP) area

We will develop a system to maximize business efficiency by using software to effectively utilize the information accumulated in the company and linking it with the cloud system of CRM and ERP. We possess advanced technology for connecting different business software. For example, we can streamline information sharing and conduct sales activities by linking data managed by each business division in a client company. We provide a mechanism to strengthen it. In this area, we also collect information from various devices connected to the Internet called IoT (* 8) and develop Big Data (* 9) for product development and marketing operations. In particular, we provide data linkage and data integration solutions that utilize the data management software "Talend" provided by Talend.

The contents of the services and products provided by this business are as follows.

(1) Service delivery support

In service delivery support, we customize and provide cloud-based business software provided by Salesforce.com, etc. in a form that suits the customer's business model and business customs. Our customers are mainly manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses that operate in multiple countries and regions. By utilizing industry-specific business know-how and reusable programs gained from software development experience as templates for the industry, we can respond with less development man-hours compared to conventional scratch development (* 10). It is possible to deliver cloud-based business software in a short period of time. In addition, after the start of operation, we have established a system to provide continuous technical support based on support contracts, and we are supporting the establishment and expansion of the range of use of cloud-based business software for customers.

(2) Product development

In Product Development, we develop and sell cloud-based business software that works in cooperation with "Salesforce" and others. The functions provided by "Salesforce" etc. as standard may not comply with the business customs and laws of the industry to which our customers belong. We have developed cloud-based business software by selecting functions with particularly high needs from users such as "Salesforce", and currently provide them mainly to service delivery support customers.

3. 3. Sharing business business

The sharing business business covers TimeTicket, which is operated by TimeTicket, Inc., which develops services for CtoC (* 11) and sharing economy-type services (* 12), and TimeTicket GmbH in Zug, Switzerland. .. Time tickets are a service for individuals to buy and sell their free time. In July 2019, we started Time Ticket Pro, a service that allows you to sell your personal time between corporations and individuals. The time ticket business was spun off in June 2019, and a total of 478,006 thousand yen was raised through a third-party allocation of new shares in June, August, November, May 2020, November and February 2021. We are here. In time tickets, we are focusing on increasing the number of users and activating the use of services, investing in advertising expenses and renovating the system.

* 1. Annual number of visitors

A number that represents the number of unique users who visited your website within a fixed aggregation period. Even if the same user visits the same website multiple times within the aggregation period, it will be counted as one unique user.

* 2. DX

DX is an abbreviation for Digital Transformation. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Companies respond to drastic changes in the business environment, utilize data and digital technology, and products based on the needs of customers and society. To establish a competitive advantage by transforming businesses, services, and business models, as well as transforming the business itself, organizations, processes, corporate culture and culture. "


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Guidelines for Promoting Digital Transformation" https://www.meti.go.jp/press/2018/12/20181212004/20181212004-1.pdf.

* 3. On-premise type

A form in which business software is installed and used on a server prepared by the company. Since it is necessary to procure hardware and manage security in-house, the initial investment amount is large compared to the cloud type and it takes time to introduce it.

* 4. CRM

Abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. Software that records and manages customer attributes and response history, builds long-term and good relationships by taking detailed responses, and is used for efforts to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

* 5. ERP

Abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. Software that makes effective use of management resources such as people, goods, money, and information in a company to manage the company more efficiently.

* 6. DMP

Abbreviation for Data Management Platform. Database software for collecting and processing data and storing data. It is used as basic data for marketing analysis and management accounting.

* 7. Omni-channel

The idea and strategy to provide better services by linking information from all customer contact points, regardless of customer contact points such as physical stores, the Internet, PCs and mobile terminals.

* 8. IoT

Abbreviation for Internet of Things. It means that all "things" are connected via the Internet, and that things are autonomously and optimally controlled without human operation or input.

* 9. BigData

It represents a collection of data sets that are so large and complex that they are difficult to process with traditional data processing software. Includes information generated by an unspecified number of people, such as data generated by sensors and content on the Internet.

*Ten. Scratch development

It refers to a method of developing software without using packaged products or software parts. Although it has a high degree of design freedom and can meet detailed functional requirements, it requires a long development period.

* 11. Service for CtoC

A service that mainly deals with buying and selling and transactions between general consumers among the forms of commercial transactions.

* 12. Sharing economy type service

A service that mediates the lending of idle assets (including intangible assets such as skills) owned by individuals between individuals.

[Business system diagram]

1, Social web media business and business application business

(Image omitted)

2, sharing business business

(Image omitted)
Deviation rate (5 day) +0.21%
Deviation rate (14 day) -3.03%
Deviation rate (25 day) -6.25%
Bollinger band (10 day +1σ) 197.7
Bollinger band (10 day -1σ) 185.3
Golden cross ×
Dead cross ×
Ichimoku Buy ×
Ichimoku Sell ×
Parabolic (Bullish) -
Parabolic (Bearish) 195.2
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(9 day) 39.0
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(14 day) 38.1
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(9 day) -61.7
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(26 day) -91.6
Fast Stochastics Buy ×
Fast Stochastics Sell ×
Slow Stochastics Buy ×
Slow Stochastics Sell ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Buy ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Sell ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Buy ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Sell ×
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Buy ×
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Sell ×
Bullish Counter Attack ×
Bearing Counter Attack ×
Dark Cloud Cover ×
Engulfing Line (Bullish) ×
Engulfing Line (Bearish) ×
Harami (Bullish) ×
Harami (Bearish) ×
Plug line ×
Cut line ×
Morning star ×
Evening Star ×
3-Mountain ×
3-River ×
3-Sky(Bullish) ×
3-Sky(Bearish) ×
3-White Soldiers(Bullish) ×
3-Black Crows(Bearish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bullish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bearish) ×
Financial information
PER (Price Earnings Ratio) -
PER change (5 day) -
PER change (20 day) -
EPS (Earnings Per Share) ¥-6.01
Dividend Yield 0.00%
PBR (Price Book-value Ratio) 6.17x
PBR change (5 day) -1.05%
PBR change (20 day) -7.80%
ROE (Return On Equity) -39.11%
ROA (Return On Assets) -26.88%
Financial information
Market Capitalization (¥mil.) 6,880
Revenue (¥mil.) 1,749
Sales Growth Rate (1 Year) -3.75%
Sales Growth Rate (3 Year) +34.46%
PSR (Price to Sales Ratio) 3.93x
Operating profit margin -26.22%
Non-operating Expenses -25.71%
Receivables Turnover 5.25%
Ordinary income (¥mil.) -450
Ordinary profit margin change rate (1 Year) -200.59%
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year) +138.98%
Financial information
Equity Ratio 65.41%
Final profit (¥mil.) -219
Interest-bearing debt Equity Ratio 5.67%
Interest-bearing debt (¥mil.) 63
EV(Enterprise Value)/EBITDA -14.09x
Current Ratio 415.17%
Quick Ratio 381.20%
PCFR (Price Cash Flow Ratio) -10.82x
Sales in Inventory 453.08x
Interest coverage ratio -1146.24x
Financial information
Theoretical price ratio to market capitalization -
Cash > Interest-bearing debt
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (2 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (5 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (2 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (3 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (5 Year)
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