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6758. Sony Group Corporation

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  • Sep 29, 2023
Stock price information
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$83.8 (+1.22%)
  ADR Price $82.41 (-0.46%)
Previous Close 12,225 High 12,360
Open 12,335 Low 12,200
3,568 Trading Value
Year High 14,100 (Jun 15, 2023)
Year Low 10,035 (Jan 04, 2023)

6758. Sony Group Corporation Business Description

Sony consists of games & network services (“G & NS”), music, movies, electronics products & solutions (“EP & S”), imaging & sensing solutions (“I & SS”), finance and other businesses. The segment information is disclosed by these categories. The G & NS field mainly includes the network service business, the manufacture and sale of home video game consoles, and the production and sale of software. The music sector mainly includes music production, music publishing and video media platform businesses. The film sector mainly includes film production, television program production and media network businesses. The EP & S field mainly includes the TV business, audio / video business, still image / video camera business, smartphone business and Internet-related service business. The I & SS field mainly includes the image sensor business. The financial sector includes the insurance business, which mainly focuses on personal life insurance and non-life insurance in the Japanese market, and the banking business in Japan. Other fields consist of various business activities such as disc manufacturing business and recording media business. Sony products and services are generally unique to each operating segment.

As of March 31, 2021, there are 1,449 subsidiaries and 152 affiliated companies, of which 1,414 are consolidated subsidiaries (including variable interest entities) and 135 are equity-method affiliates.
The Company's consolidated financial statements are prepared based on US GAAP, and information on affiliated companies is also disclosed based on the definition of US GAAP. The same applies to "2nd business status" and "3rd equipment status". In addition, we have decided to voluntarily apply International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) from the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, the descriptions regarding FY2021 in "2nd Business Status" and "3rd Equipment Status" are created based on IFRS.

In addition, the Company falls under the category of specified listed companies, etc. stipulated in Article 49, Paragraph 2 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Regulation of Securities Transactions, etc., and as a result, among the minor standards of important facts of insider trading regulations, listed companies The numerical standard determined by comparison with the scale of is determined based on the consolidated numerical value.
The business contents and major companies in G & NS, music, movies, EP & S, I & SS, finance and other fields are as follows.

(Table omitted)

(Table omitted)

[Business segment relevance]

In the I & SS field, we supply some semiconductors manufactured by domestic and overseas manufacturing companies to companies in the G & NS and EP & S fields.
In the field of music and other disc manufacturing, we supply some packaged media manufactured by domestic and overseas manufacturing companies to companies in the G & NS field, music field and movie field.

The system diagram of the business is as follows.

(Image omitted)
Deviation rate (5 day) -0.54%
Deviation rate (14 day) -1.83%
Deviation rate (25 day) -1.22%
Bollinger band (10 day +1σ) 12,694.5
Bollinger band (10 day -1σ) 12,182.5
Golden cross ×
Dead cross ×
Ichimoku Buy ×
Ichimoku Sell ×
Parabolic (Bullish) -
Parabolic (Bearish) 12,810
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(9 day) 43.2
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(14 day) 44.9
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(9 day) -68.3
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(26 day) 40.4
Fast Stochastics Buy ×
Fast Stochastics Sell ×
Slow Stochastics Buy ×
Slow Stochastics Sell ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Buy ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Sell ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Buy ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Sell ×
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Buy ×
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Sell ×
Bullish Counter Attack ×
Bearing Counter Attack ×
Dark Cloud Cover ×
Engulfing Line (Bullish) ×
Engulfing Line (Bearish) ×
Harami (Bullish)
Harami (Bearish) ×
Plug line ×
Cut line ×
Morning star ×
Evening Star ×
3-Mountain ×
3-River ×
3-Sky(Bullish) ×
3-Sky(Bearish) ×
3-White Soldiers(Bullish) ×
3-Black Crows(Bearish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bullish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bearish) ×
Financial information
PER (Price Earnings Ratio) 16.14x
PER change (5 day) +0.33%
PER change (20 day) -1.09%
EPS (Earnings Per Share) ¥758.38
Dividend Yield 0.61%
PBR (Price Book-value Ratio) 2.09x
PBR change (5 day) +0.33%
PBR change (20 day) -1.09%
ROE (Return On Equity) 12.22%
ROA (Return On Assets) 3.77%
Financial information
Market Capitalization (¥mil.) 15,435,641
Revenue (¥mil.) 10,095,841
Sales Growth Rate (1 Year) -
Sales Growth Rate (3 Year) +22.23%
PSR (Price to Sales Ratio) 1.53x
Operating profit margin 11.97%
Non-operating Expenses 11.69%
Receivables Turnover -
Ordinary income (¥mil.) 1,180,313
Ordinary profit margin change rate (1 Year) -
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year) +47.64%
Financial information
Equity Ratio 24.11%
Final profit (¥mil.) 937,126
Interest-bearing debt Equity Ratio 24.79%
Interest-bearing debt (¥mil.) 1,914,934
EV(Enterprise Value)/EBITDA 7.26x
Current Ratio 62.05%
Quick Ratio 15.91%
PCFR (Price Cash Flow Ratio) 49.05x
Sales in Inventory -
Interest coverage ratio -
Financial information
Theoretical price ratio to market capitalization 0.78x
Cash > Interest-bearing debt ×
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (2 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (5 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (2 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (3 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (5 Year)
    There is no history.  
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