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8303. SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited

8303|Banks|Standard|JPX-Nikkei 400
  • US:$18.71
  • -0.22 (-1.14%)
  • 2,766
  • Sep 27, 2023
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$18.71 ( - )
  ADR Price $ -  ( - )
Previous Close 2,798 High 2,799
Open 2,795 Low 2,766
2,973 Trading Value
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8303. SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited Business Description

The Bank Group (as of March 31, 2021), the Bank, 161 subsidiaries (including Aplus Financial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Aplus Financial"), Showa Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Showa Leasing"), Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Shinsei") Financial ”), 88 consolidated subsidiaries such as Shinsei Investment & Finance Co., Ltd. and UDC Finance Limited, 73 non-consolidated subsidiaries), and 39 affiliated companies (39 equity method companies such as MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company) Composition) provides a wide range of financial products and services to customers through "corporate business" and "individual business". "Corporate business" and "Individual business" are composed of segments by financial products and services provided by each, and the positions of the Bank and affiliated companies in each segment are as follows.

The following categories are the same as the segment categories listed in "5. Accounting Status 1 (1) Consolidated Financial Statements Notes".

The "Corporate Sales" segment of "Corporate Business" is financial products / services, advisory business and trust business for business corporations, public corporations and financial corporations, and the "Structured Finance" segment is real estate finance business such as non-recourse loans, construction and construction. Financial products and services for business corporations engaged in the real estate business, financial products and services related to project finance and specialty finance (M & A related finance, etc.), and the "Principal Transactions" segment is related to private equity business, business succession business, and credit trading. The "Showa Lease" segment provides financial products and services centered on leasing. The "Market Sales" segment provides foreign exchange, derivatives, equity-related, and other capital markets operations, and the "Other Financial Markets" segment provides securities operations, asset management operations, and wealth management operations by Shinsei Securities Co., Ltd. increase.

The "Retail Banking" segment of "Personal Business" is for financial transactions and services for individuals, and the "Shinsei Financial" segment is for unsecured card loans and credit guarantee business (Shinsei Financial, Shinsei Bank Card Loan L (former Shinsei Bank Card Loan)). We offer Lake) and Lake ALSA). The "Aplus Financial" segment offers shopping credit, card, loan and payment services. In addition, "Other individuals" in "Personal business" includes profits and losses of other subsidiaries.

The "Treasury" segment of "Management Account / Others" is engaged in ALM business and financing business including capital.

The above items are shown in the business system diagram as follows.

(Image omitted)

Deviation rate (5 day) -0.91%
Deviation rate (14 day) -1.04%
Deviation rate (25 day) -1.37%
Bollinger band (10 day +1σ) 2,805.3
Bollinger band (10 day -1σ) 2,784.1
Golden cross ×
Dead cross ×
Ichimoku Buy ×
Ichimoku Sell ×
Parabolic (Bullish) -
Parabolic (Bearish) 2,819.5
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(9 day) 23.6
RSI (Relative Strength Index)(14 day) 30.6
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(9 day) -30.0
RCI (Rank Correlation Index)(26 day) -72.1
Fast Stochastics Buy ×
Fast Stochastics Sell ×
Slow Stochastics Buy ×
Slow Stochastics Sell ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Buy ×
DMI (Directional Movement Index) Sell ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Buy ×
MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Sell ×
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Buy
CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Sell ×
Bullish Counter Attack ×
Bearing Counter Attack ×
Dark Cloud Cover ×
Engulfing Line (Bullish) ×
Engulfing Line (Bearish) ×
Harami (Bullish) ×
Harami (Bearish) ×
Plug line ×
Cut line ×
Morning star ×
Evening Star ×
3-Mountain ×
3-River ×
3-Sky(Bullish) ×
3-Sky(Bearish) ×
3-White Soldiers(Bullish) ×
3-Black Crows(Bearish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bullish) ×
3-Method Formation(Bearish) ×
Financial information
PER (Price Earnings Ratio) -
PER change (5 day) -
PER change (20 day) -
EPS (Earnings Per Share) ¥96.78
Dividend Yield -
PBR (Price Book-value Ratio) -
PBR change (5 day) -
PBR change (20 day) -
ROE (Return On Equity) 2.21%
ROA (Return On Assets) -
Financial information
Market Capitalization (¥mil.) -
Revenue (¥mil.) 373,328
Sales Growth Rate (1 Year) -0.25%
Sales Growth Rate (3 Year) +0.29%
PSR (Price to Sales Ratio) -
Operating profit margin -
Non-operating Expenses 7.58%
Receivables Turnover 9.61%
Ordinary income (¥mil.) 28,299
Ordinary profit margin change rate (1 Year) -36.26%
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year) -48.92%
Financial information
Equity Ratio 8.92%
Final profit (¥mil.) 20,385
Interest-bearing debt Equity Ratio 39.69%
Interest-bearing debt (¥mil.) 380,453
EV(Enterprise Value)/EBITDA -65.64x
Current Ratio 107.80%
Quick Ratio 18.81%
PCFR (Price Cash Flow Ratio) -
Sales in Inventory -
Interest coverage ratio -
Financial information
Theoretical price ratio to market capitalization -
Cash > Interest-bearing debt
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (2 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (3 Year)
Sales and profits increase every year
Ordinary profit margin change rate (5 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (2 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (3 Year)
Sales CF is positive every year
Cash Flow Statement (5 Year)
    There is no history.  
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